Even after three years, we’re still in a pandemic

Mahika Gupta, Staff Writer

Despite the fact that it’s been just about three years since the beginning of the pandemic, and we’ve made a startling amount of progress in order to keep the virus from spreading and hospitalizing more people, we are still in a pandemic, which requires us to continue to use caution with those around us. Masks, sanitizer, and the washing of hands before touching your face are encouraged by the CDC if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you are unable to be, or you are at high risk for infections and have other issues that can prevent your immune system from protecting you, in order to keep others and yourself safe, and the same is recommended even for those who do have been vaccinated. If you are showing symptoms, at-home tests are available at numerous websites such as https://www.covid.gov/tests and your local health departments, as well as around-the-clock testing at various hospitals, drive-throughs, and convenience stores near Naperville. Keep yourself and others around you safe from COVID-19 by attempting to follow guidelines as best as you can according to your capabilities.