Activities to do this summer in Naperville



Downtown Naperville is a notable destination for many summer activities

Viraj Desai, Staff Writer

With school coming to an end, students are finding ways to stay occupied during the summer. Since Naperville is such a huge city, there are so many things to do, making summer super memorable every year. New opportunities will also be reintroduced this summer, since the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly decreased in severity. Here is a list of some ideas of how to stay occupied in summer, so this summer can be remembered for many years to come.

Visit a neighborhood pool – Many neighborhoods in Naperville and the Neuqua Valley area have public pools. A great way to spend a hot summer day is to gather friends and visit one of these public pools. Some neighborhoods that have these pools are Ashbury, Breckenridge, River Run, and Stillwater. 

Take a walk on the Riverwalk – The Naperville Riverwalk is a great place to spend a nice summer day. Taking a walk along the cool waters is a great way to relax and cool off in the heat. The riverwalk is also a great place to take some nice Instagram photos, and it is surrounded by amazing restaurants and ice cream shops. 

Go to a forest preserve – Naperville is known for its wide variety of forest preserves, and they have many activities that are all enjoyable. Some of these activities include walking or biking on the trails, having a picnic under the trees, and dipping your toes in the nearby rivers. Knoch Knolls, Springbrook Prairie, DuPage River Park and Greene Valley are some forest preserves in this area

Visit a public park – Public parks are huge areas where there are playgrounds, sports courts, and picnic tables. This is a great place to spend a summer afternoon because of the wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed at these parks. These parks are also usually dog friendly, so you can take your dog on a walk and pass through a public park. Wolf’s Crossings, Commissioners, and Frontier are some parks in Naperville. 

Go mini golfing – Mini golfing is an excellent summer activity, as it is both relaxing and slightly athletic. Take your time and cruise through the courses at the mini golf course, and take some friends along so it becomes more enjoyable. Wilderness Falls is an excellent mini golf course in this area

Go to the mall – Shopping is one of the best ways to spend a summer afternoon. The Fox Valley mall, Chicago Premium Outlets, and the Promenade Bolingbrook are three great malls nearby. Gather friends and spend a day shopping at these malls, eating at closeby restaurants, and visiting notable attractions near these places.