Four Years Fly By; What Do You Want To Do with Them?

The end of the year is definitely coming up faster than people expected, with finals next week, seniors last day as Wildcats on the 23rd, and the onslaught of 80 degree weather for the next few days. As another cycle finishes, teachers and faculty get ready to say goodbye to their favourite seniors, sending them off with a hopeful lasting impression of life lessons, accepting and scheduling the many teacher recommendation letters graceful and stressed juniors request; everyone is rushing to prepare for the next stage of their life. Whether it’s for incoming freshmen starting their next four pivotal years, freshman transitioning to the main building and sophomores preparing for one of their most stressful years in high school, each year seems to be following the same pattern, racing to the end.

So many reminiscent seniors look back and tell lowerclassmen how fast these four years pass by and advise them to make the most of it. But how so?

Make connections, talk to a teacher, peer, put yourself out there and be vulnerable. The most impactful and easiest way to connect with people is simply being yourself and open. Teachers are the most valuable resources that a student can lean on during these four years. With going back to a previous teacher for advice on classes, asking about other teachers, college letters and courses. There are a lot of resources available, but most of the time, unknown and unused. Students can access this through upper classmen or their teachers; many upperclassmen feel it’s their duty to pass on the wisdom and are happy to do so.

High schools have many events and activities that are all involved in the improvement of the school experience and the student body, creating a space to share and express themselves. For example, student dances, musicals, Writer’s Week, cultural night, Mother and Son Brunch and Mr. NVHS are all student focused events designed to let people express themselves and make memories to cherish. Clubs and sport teams are also a great way to get to know people and make memories, with so many new experiences and relationships built in these extracurriculars. You may find your calling or an indicator in new interests, as well as discover people with similar interests. Joining anything will result in learning something new, whether it be about yourself or the school. Sport teams can open doors to new personal achievements and possibly future advantages like scholarships, all through spending time working on yourself to be the best you can be. All of these extracurricular activities allow you to be a part of something, to be proud of your achievements and collaborations with others, letting you leave a mark on Neuqua Valley High School.

So the bottom line, as summer is approaching and the new cycle is ready and primed to start again, think about what you haven’t tried, what you’ve avoided and what you’re scared of, and throw yourself out there. Don’t let these years fly by without your say in your Neuqua experience. Make the most of your resources to be the best you can possibly be and explore. So whether you have two, three, or one year left, become involved and establish what type of impact you want to leave at Neuqua Valley High School.