Student activities throughout the first week of May

Mahika Gupta, Staff Writer

This week, May 2nd to May 6th, is the week of Teacher Appreciation Week, where students show their appreciation for their teachers. Students may do this through notes, gifts or even kind words, in order to show how important teachers are to them as educators, and for some, a support system. 

Along with this, the first week of May is Serenity Week, where students may follow the guidelines in order to present kindness, mindfulness, empowerment, advocacy and gratitude. Each act corresponds to a day in the week, and it may be posted on social media with a #healthmovesminds, which is the hashtag that is being promoted in order to encourage students to bring out the best in themselves and others. 

Monday is the day of kindness, where students and teachers are encouraged to perform an act of kindness, whether it is through gifts, kind words, or kind actions. Tuesday is the day of mindfulness, where students are encouraged to watch their screen time and actively participate in tracking and attempting to cut down on the amount of screen time they are having. Empowerment is on Wednesday, where students are encouraged to prioritize themselves and take care of themselves. Thursday is the day of advocacy, where students are encouraged to consciously stand up for themselves and others, whether that may include during school for help, on social media, or anywhere else they may have the opportunity to do so. Finally, Friday encourages gratitude, whether it be towards teachers, fellow students, friends, parents, and family. Of course, teachers are welcome and encouraged to participate in these acts in Serenity Week. Any and all of these acts are encouraged to be posted on social media in order to inspire others to do the same. 

This week presents an opportunity for teachers and students to achieve their best selves in consideration of others’ and their own lives, where they can set an example for others who may not be able to do so for themselves at first, and for those who struggle with their social lives, mental health or other issues that prevent them from considering others and themselves.