Prom Tickets

Prom Tickets are now being sold on PushCoin. Unsure about how to find it? Keep reading!


Pushcoin Purchase:

  1. Log into your PushCoin account and choose the webstore under your student icon.
  2. In the search bar in the top corner, search “PROM.”
  3. Enchanted Forest will show up; make sure to select Neuqua’s option since Wabounsie’s Prom also comes up as an option.
  4. There, you can select from three options:
    1. One ticket
    2. Two tickets, one for you and one for a NV student
    3. Two tickets, one for you and one for a non NV student
  5. Make sure to check out BEFORE May 6th, and you can pick them up from the cafeteria with your student ID May 11-May 12.


Please note that tickets are $100 per person not excluding the extra fee included on PushCoin.


Guest Pass:

If you are planning on bringing a guest who DOES NOT go to Neuqua Valley, you need to fill out a guest pass for the individual and get their signature on it as well. That is linked HERE