Downtown Naperville and its new growing businesses and crowds


Sabrina Sabatin

Self-serve fresh popcorn machine and loads of seasoning options.

Mahika Gupta, Staff Writer

Naperville is ranked as one of the top ten best areas to live in the midwest, but Downtown Naperville is believed to be just about the most popular area to visit in the Midwest. With its consistently thriving businesses for all ages, including its popular Riverwalk, Children’s Museum, Centennial Beach, bars, among other attractions, Downtown Naperville has become one of the most popular visiting areas in the Midwest, for both tourists and locals alike. 

In 2022, new businesses are flocking towards the Naperville area, including a new Starbucks Reserve, Top Fashion and around sixteen other businesses. Despite the pandemic, Downtown Naperville has continued to thrive and grow as a whole. According to Katie Wood, the executive director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance, there are some vacancies in the downtown area, but those won’t last long. 

“Naperville has been very resilient, I think, through the pandemic and beyond. I think that just speaks to the many benefits of being in Naperville and kind of the spokes on the wheel that we always talk about,” says Wood for NCTV17. “From the Riverwalk, to our great park district, our great schools, there are many reasons why businesses and residents want to choose Naperville.”

A new popular go-to in downtown Naperville is Zade’s Lounge, a combined restaurant and bar that offers a variety of fun and tasty foods and drinks for all types of people and ages. Despite the lower number of reviews that they’ve received due to the fact that they recently opened, they maintain almost a 5-star reputation from all of the people who have visited. 

Zade’s Lounge has a slowly but steadily growing popularity, with its sophisticated and modern look and appealing foods and drinks. It was rightly predicted that Downtown Naperville would continue to attract more and more businesses, and along with that, boost their growth with customers and the rest of the community.