Student Representative Committee: why your voice is important

Ever since the 60s, students have been using their voice to make change, ranging from the anti-war protests at Kent State, the protests in Hong Kong and environmental movements sparked by the young Greta Thunberg. Student voices are the most impactful by being the bridge between the general public and administrators, giving a new perspective on certain issues that will eventually concern all.

Student Representative Committee, a collaboration between the three IPSD 204 schools, Neuqua Valley, Metea Valley and Waubonsie Valley, ensures that a wider range is met to represent student’s voices and opinions. Open to sophomores and juniors, this application is looking for students who have gained a better grasp of what school life is like at the high school level and have a certain experience and exposure to issues that are relevant for the district to be aware about. Ranging from mental health awareness and initiative, development of support centers for classes, school lunches, remodeling classrooms and other spaces for a more conducive learning environment are all valid issues to discuss and be brought to the attention of the district level to effectively make an improvement.

More importantly, institutions that are responsible for nurturing the young mind, like schools, hold a great responsibility to cater towards these young minds by listening and hearing their first-hand experiences concerning their well-being and growth. By promoting this initiative, schools allow students the space to invest in their own learning and create a positive environment and culture to grow in as an individual. These are all valuable and transformative lifelong skills that exercise student’s abilities to make important decisions and impacts in the future. As the youth will inherit the future, it is important to support the empowerment and fresh ideas of students, giving them the opportunity to make a passionate change.

So to say, this opportunity to be part of deciding factors on a student’s education in this district is extremely valuable and important, giving students a chance to voice their opinions and make an impact. If you feel strongly about your own learning experience and growth, as well as the wellbeing of other student’s learning, sign up here to make a difference by April 22, 2022 11:59p.m.