Why “The Adam Project” is deserving of its praise



Young Adam Reed (Walker Scobell) interacting with his future self (Ryan Reynolds)

Viraj Desai, Staff Writer

“The Adam Project” was the number one movie on Netflix for many weeks, and its success is justified. The movie is a thrilling, moving and entertaining journey through time and through a single man’s success. It had just the right amount of thrill, humor and sadness a high-ranking movie would need, along with a great cast and cinematography. Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner all starred in this mind-blowing film, and every actor’s performance made the film extraordinary. 


The movie starts out with young Adam Reed (Walker Scobell), a frail and shy young boy who constantly gets bullied at school, who had just lost his father less than a year ago. He and his mother (Jennifer Garner) are struggling to keep up with their daily activities and barely have time for each other, since they are both silently mourning Adam’s father’s death. Soon after, an older version of Adam (Ryan Reynolds) meets his younger self, and explains to him that the world may end due to the misuse of time travel. The plot continues with an exciting journey into the past and fighting through all challenges to save time and the world. 


The film is an extraordinary work of excitement and adventure that keeps the viewer off their seat. There are many plot twists and loaded action scenes, along with comedy and a rush of emotion. The journey that the two take not only determines the fate of the world but also helps Adam learn about himself through his past experiences and future regrets. The concept of time travel bewilders many, but also fascinates them as it’s unique and a representation of how fast technology is evolving in the real world. The movie overall is a fascinating work of art and is continuing to grip everyone who takes interest in its concept.