Activities to enjoy this spring season

Lily Ha, Editor-in-Chief

For many of us, the spring season is a time to enjoy warmer weather and find activities to do. For this spring break, take the time to go outside instead of binging the latest television series in your basement.


Go on a picnic

Make homemade sandwiches, pack fruits, and go on a picnic with friends and family. The weather is nice, you have free time, honestly, there isn’t a reason not to go!


Go on a hike or walk

The cold weather and snowy roads are gone, so chilly winds are no longer an excuse to go outside and exercise. I’m not talking about a full-on marathon, but a simple walk can be a healthy way to begin the spring season.


Take a day trip to Chicago

Whether it is with your friends or family, take a day trip to Chicago

If you and your friends cannot drive, you can take a metro. In Chicago, there are many activities you can do including walking along Navy Pier, shopping on Magnificent Mile, and going to cute cafes in the city.


Read a book

Yes, actually take the time to read a book. I know that you haven’t read one in a long time. Before you say anything, no, school-assigned reading doesn’t count. So, pick up a book from the library and read in the comfort of your bed or couch.


Find a new hobby

A week of no school is more than enough time to find something that interests you. Look up hobbies that seem fun, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new pastime to fill your weekends from now on.


Bake sweet treats

You can search for easy dessert recipes online to make your break a little sweeter. Whether it’s cupcakes, cookies, or a unique dessert, baking always makes time go by fast without feeling stressed. Brownie points (see what I did there?) if you cook with friends or family!


Meet up and hang out with your friends

We have all been quite busy during the school year, and sometimes even on the weekends. Take advantage of break to spend time with your friends.


Lastly, school stress begone!

One week to forget about school and wake up early. Sleep in, eat, sleep some more, and watch a movie. Relax! Take a break! You’ve done more than enough to deserve it!


Honestly, most of these activity recommendations are quite simple but given some of them I try for a productive yet unproductive time away from school. However, break will be over before you know it, so be sure to make the most out of it!