Mother-daughter brunch


Sachin Fong

Mothers and daughters socializing and viewing the hypnotist perform with volunteers.

The 2022 Mother-Daughter Spring Into Fashion show and luncheon took place this year on March 13, 2022 at the Bolingbrook Golf Club. The event started off with pictures with moms, daughters and friends upon entry of the building. There were also many vendors selling their goods such as jewelry, clothing, personal care items and other accessories including Bella Ryan Designs, Still I Rise, Organic Hair Care and Tastefully Simple. The event provided lunch, an ode to the seniors read by their moms, a fashion show and even a singing hypnotist.

Prior to entering the grand room where the event took place, a table number was given to the mother and daughter to determine where they sat. People also had the opportunities to have complimentary beverages, such as shirley temples. For lunch, they provided us with salad, chicken tenders, mostaccioli, beef sandwiches, vegetables and desserts such as cookies and brownies.

Shortly after the lunch were performances by the singing hypnotist Dr. Jim Wand. He performed one song and proceeded to gather volunteers to the stage to be hypnotized. The volunteers were “hypnotized” to pretend they were at a beach, to become their spirit animal, to act like their favorite dinosaur and to make up their very own TikTok dance.

From my perspective (Olive), I was incredibly skeptical of the whole idea and was not sure what to expect. I did not want to go on the stage, but I found it funny seeing some of the volunteers drift off into hypnosis. There’s really nothing that makes me believe that the hypnotist is real and actually does it for a living, but I found it interesting.

From my perspective (Jaclyn), I thought the poem stanzas that the moms read to their senior daughters were super sweet; when my mom read her stanza, I couldn’t hold in my tears, it was a great moment between me and her. The only critique I had of the poems was that they should’ve been read at the end of the lunch instead of the beginning because when I cried it ruined my makeup.

The last part of the luncheon was the fashion show. Each grade level showcased a different category of fashion with the seniors wearing prom dresses given to them by Peaches Boutique. Other fashion show apparel was provided by Glam and Glitz Boutique, London Skye, Karisma Boutique and London Skye. The event closed out with a thank you speech by Stacy Higdon who also did the opening.