This year’s Monologue Show is going to be one of the most extraordinary performances yet


Neuqua Theatre Dept.

The poster for the Monologue Show coming up this weekend

Viraj Desai, Staff Writer

With last year’s set being virtual due to COVID-19, the teachers and students of the Theatre Department are really excited to finally put on a live performance of the Monologue Show. On March 11 at 7pm and March 12 at 3pm and 7pm, the students will showcase their creative writing and public speaking skills like never before. Mr. Rossi: the director, and every student is so excited to showcase their talents and let the audience see their true colors through this extraordinary performance, and the acts are all very close to each performer’s heart. 


“The Monologue Show to me just means so much. I feel really proud of the work I have put into my piece, and to have a great outlet to put it into is amazing,” says sophomore Courtney Gaither. It is her first year participating in this show, and she is really excited to showcase her song to the audience for the first time and says that songwriting is a way for her to deal with her complex emotions and stress of everyday life. Courtney also says “The more I thought about it the more I realized that I wanted to share my music and make a difference and help other people in the process.” 


Sophomore Onora Kirpanos also states that “these works are like my children,” describing how  she feels very connected to her act and is really proud to be part of the amazing show. Junior Arya Shah says, “I love how [the show] made me a better speaker and how I could share my story or my perspective on something without any judgment.”


With the amazing cast and dedicated teachers, the Monologue Show is sure to be a success this year. Even last year when COVID had hit hard, Junior Arya Shah says “the amazing cast and teachers helped us create an amazing show nonetheless.” The joy of being back on a live stage and actually performing will be enough to make the cast create one of the most memorable Monologue Shows ever. Definitely go purchase your tickets on if you can attend!