Variety Show returns in-person to Neuqua Valley


Jason Verdin

Shivam Patniak, also known as his stage name Junior, performs with Micah Thigpen at one of the last events that was in person before the pandemic started.

Jack RS, Staff Writer

As students finish their first month back from winter break, the Neuqua Valley High School Theater program isn’t going to disappoint with another relaxing large scale performance for people to attend. Coming to Neuqua Valley this Feb. 10, 11 and 12, 2022 is the impressive and extravagant Variety Show 2022. Professional lighting, expert transversal audio and talented students who will show off what makes them unique; this event is one of a kind at Neuqua.

“I truly believe this is one of the most unique experiences at Neuqua,” said Variety Show director, John Gelsomino. “You’re basically attending a concert level type performance—not just with the talent but with the technical side of it. It’s professional worthy throughout and to see all of these different talented students get on stage to perform in front of their peers is something only at Neuqua.”

After a long hiatus due to last year’s remote performances, students and the directors are doing everything to make this year live up to the expectations for their peers. With non-stop practice sessions and the guarantee that this year will be in person, performers like Reesa Espera and Ella LaBarre are excited to perform publicly once again. 

“Having people in a crowd makes performing a lot more fun. I’m playing the guitar and singing, so I like to repeat my performance over and over as a practice technique” shares Ella LaBarre, a studious and talented performer in this year’s event.

Reesa Espera has consistently been involved in the Variety Show, and its return has made her excited for her final show as a senior. “I think knowing what it was like to perform in person two years ago is kind of an advantage because I have that experience of remembering what the actual expectations are. Being able to go back to that is exciting and to prepare, I’ve been doing a lot of practicing at home.” 

The producers hope  that once given the chance to perform in front of a live audience, every performer will do everything to make sure they are well beyond prepared.

“The success of the show comes down to the student performers and tech crew working together. We have a lot of very talented students who are taking part in the show and it’s a great opportunity for them to perform in front of their peers,” notesGelsomino. Being one of the directors of the event, Gelsomino is eager to get the word out about how much work they have put into the show to make it worth it.

Tickets will soon be available in the lunchroom during the week of the show. COVID-19 requirements will be met with caution throughout all of the performances. But don’t fret, the show will in no way be inhibited due to this.

“As we go forward here, we want to put ourselves in the best position to not only have a show but keep people from getting sick,” said student Ella LaBarre, a senior at Neuqua Valley High School.

“We’re very grateful that we can host this in a more normal way than we were able to last year. Obviously, there are COVID-19 protocols that we will follow and have to enforce to make sure that the show happens in a successful way.”

You can experience a school exclusive event where your own peers perform with professional practice and tech to show what makes them unique. Neuqua invites you to the Variety Show 2022!