Top Classes of the Echo Staff


Neuqua Valley hosts over 50 classes. Seniors on the Echo Staff write about their top classes.

Maya Stone, Business Manager

Course selection is around the corner for freshman, sophomores and juniors! Unsure of what to choose for classes? Don’t worry, I was too. Check out what some of the seniors in the Echo Staff recommend for their top three classes!


Maya Stone

  1. Newspaper: This class has been so incredible for many reasons. Having a class work together to create a successful newspaper has shown how much everyone cares about the process. Plus, it is the most chill class I have ever taken. When I am not writing, which I love to do, I will basically relax and talk with everyone. HIGHLY recommend this class if you love to write!
  2. Peer Partners: With Peer Partners, I have learned so many incredible life lessons. Working with students with disabilities has been incredibly humbling, and seeing how each student works hard and accepts one another is definitely a lesson that society needs to learn. 
  3. AP Psychology: Without this class, I would not have chosen my major in college. You learn so much about humans and their behaviors. Plus, you learn really cool tricks about psychology and how it works on humans. Absolutely loved this class!


Aarti Gupta

  1. Newspaper: Maybe I’m a little biased because I’m editor-in-chief, maybe I’m being genuine but I absolutely love this class. I’m an avid reader and writer, and journalism is just another form of expression that I’ve found. I can write about anything that interests or troubles me and have a place to share my thoughts. Apple juice vs. orange juice? The impending state of doom that I think our world will face? I can write about it!
  2. Philosophy: I was a bit hesitant to take this class, but it quickly became one of my favorites. Philosophy may seem a bit daunting, but it’s really just an open space to share your thoughts and beliefs with others. There’s no correct answers in philosophy, so it’s really just an opportunity to sit back and reflect. 
  3. Study option: Sometimes you just need a break in your day, and study option will definitely give you that. I accidentally got one after a mix-up in my schedule, and I took full advantage of it. My fifth period was spent taking an extra lunch period with some of my best friends, and whenever I wanted to, I got some more work done. Would 110% recommend it. 


Peter Wujek

  1. AP Psychology: I took this class because the topic has always interested me, and I heard it was an easy AP test. This easily became one of my favorite NVHS classes. The workload was manageable and engaging. It was a wide range of topics that never felt stagnant or boring. The AP test is just multiple choice and FRQ and it is very manageable.
  2. AP Human Geography: This class led me to my major in college. I took it freshman year for fun, and it was the number one class I’ve taken. The topics are so engaging. You learn about different cultures, religions, city structures and governments. It expanded my mind, and it helped me realize what I love to do.
  3. AP Macroeconomics: I took this class because it was either this or regular consumer economics. I figured I might as well get the AP credit. If you didn’t know, AP Macro fulfills your state-mandated consumer ec requirement. The class was interesting, and I enjoyed learning about the global economy. If you are looking for a weighted class instead of consumer economics, take AP macro!


Jaclyn Bobbe

  1. Genetics: I decided to take this class mostly because I wanted a chill science class and I can definitely say that this class was laidback. In genetics, we learn about DNA structure, PCR, gene expression, proteomics and much much more. This is also a very hands-on class where we did many labs using a micropipette and gel electrophoresis. 
  2. AP Psychology: I took this class because I’m a psychology major and wanted to challenge myself. This class overall wasn’t hard; in fact, it’s one of the easiest AP classes I’ve ever taken, there’s just a lot of homework/notes that we have to complete. In this class, we watch videos, do in class and out of class studies/experiments and we do fun activities that help better our understanding of the material we’re learning. 
  3. Advanced Health: This is hands down my favorite class that I’ve ever taken at Neuqua. In advanced health, we cover and discuss controversial topics that aren’t talked about in a traditional health setting. I felt like I got a better understanding of myself and classmates after completing this class. No finals and tests is also a plus to taking this class.


Olivia Durcan

  1. Poetry: This is definitely one of my favorite classes that I took during my time at Neuqua. You’ll understand new perspectives about writing, grow stronger writing skills and connect with others through poetry. Do not worry about not being a great poet, you will develop and learn more as the semester goes on; Also, the workload is very light. 
  2. Newspaper: This class is so incredibly amazing, it led me to love writing and staying up to date with what is going on around me. The environment is very chilled and relaxed, and you have the ability to write about anything that you’d like, as long as it’s relevant. If you take it with a friend, you’re guaranteed to have it together as Newspaper is one class during 2nd period.  
  3. Anatomy + Physiology: This class is very hands on, interactive, and an excellent introduction to the human body. If you’re interested in anything that has to do with the medical field or physical sciences, this class is a must take. I will tell you, it is very heavy in memorization and relying on application. Either way, it’s an awesome class to take and dives into interesting topics. Love Mr. Java.