A crystal look at the 25th Crystal Concert

Crystal is a word that shines out to people, promising spectacular results and a luxurious atmosphere to whatever that accompanies it. The 25th Crystal Concert accomplished exactly that last week when it returned for its first in-person concert, with two back to back energetic performances on the 2nd and 3rd of December, respectively. In its return, the Crystal Concert consisted of its traditional setup, combining advanced classical and modern pieces following the cherished holiday theme. The concert commenced with its prelude, starting 30 minutes before the first performance of the program, and groups such as Blue Steel Band, String Quartet, Symphony Orchestra, Vocal Ensembles and Saxophone Quintet put on a display of different genres of music. With modern pop christmas songs from Pentatonix performed by the Acapella group, To Be Natural and other vocal ensembles such as the WildScats Gold and Blue performing jazz pieces like “Cool Yule” and “Joy,” the concert presented a wide variety to showcase Neuqua’s musical talents.

Moving forward with the program, Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony commenced with Variants on a Medieval Tune, following a pattern of a classical piece and then a more modern and contemporary song. Throughout the concert, Crystal seamlessly showcased student’s individual and unique talent through groups like String Quartet and Brass Quintet, which only had a couple of students in the spotlight, with musical esteemed songs like Palladio and Greensleeves, respectively. Varsity choir’s strong and experienced vocal leads blended together in one voice through the song “Sleep,” an impressive eight-part piece of choral work, ending with a long-lasting decrescendo, leaving audience members in a reverent hold as the lights dim for the next song.

A notable difference about Crystal is the diverse musical selection, experimenting with traditional pieces and adding a twist to them. Percussion ensemble illustrated this through the piece “Sleigh Bells,” adding a Caribbean feel through emphasis on the xylophone and upbeat drumming. The diversity throughout the concert enhanced the experience, distinguishing the renown aptitude that Crystal concert is known for.

Crystal is also known for its big finale that brings everyone together to perform one final song together, combining the talents of choral, orchestral and band groups. Entering in from all sides, the audience is surrounded by the choir, with the orchestra playing on the stage. The piece this year was called “Simple Gifts,” an energetic and joyful dancing song about the celebration of life, inquiring those who perform to clap along with the accompanying beat. Both groups started off with high energy, harmoniously blending together, complimenting each other’s sounds. Halfway through the song, the curtain was lifted with the choir and orchestra playing up to a grand crescendo, all to reveal and welcome in the band. Watching this unfold, the audience members were left in awe with all that happening onstage and on the floor in perfect consonance, eloquently performed to represent the talent and hardwork of Neuqua’s musicians.

With many more years of Crystal Concert to come, this cherished concert will continue to brighten the community with its crystallizing efforts.

Didn’t get a chance to watch the concert? Here’s the link provided by Neuqua Media!