Indian Prairie School District 204 makes redistricting plans

Recently, here at Neuqua, there has been a bit of an uproar over the district’s new boundary proposals. These changes, proposed by the Indian Prairie School District 204 Boundary Committee, would be the first changes to the District 204 school boundaries since the opening of Metea Valley in 2007. There are currently two primary proposals that have been put forward: “Concept 1” and “Concept 3” (both of which can be viewed here). Each concept brings something different to the table, so I’ll be going over both of them individually and how they affect us at Neuqua Valley High School.

“Concept 1”

Concept 1 (shown above) does not feature any “islands” and extends the Neuqua Valley boundary. (IPSD 204)










The first proposed concept (pictured above) proposes that the district close two elementary schools: Graham Elementary and Clow Elementary. It would also extend the Neuqua Valley boundary to encompass everything between 183rd Street and 95th street, as well as set 87th Street as the furthest cut off point for residents that could attend Neuqua, stopping just before the Springbrook Prairie. This concept has no “islands.”

“Concept 3”

Concept 3 features “islands” and allows all schools to remain open. Moreover, all students currently attending Neuqua will be allowed to attend in the future. (IPSD 204)

“Concept 3” proposes that all regions that are currently slated to attend NVHS remain, and that an area around Scullen Middle School be changed from attending Wabounsie to Neuqua. The area surrounding Owen Elementary (within district 204) would also be changed to attend Neuqua instead of Waubonsie.

In the NVHS community, the favorite of the two seems to be “Concept 3,” as it keeps all current schools open and doesn’t change the school attendance of most residents who are slated to attend Neuqua in the future. 

After months of deliberation and committee meetings, the final vote will be held, and announced, on Wednesday, December 8th.