Evil Clown Corner be like:

Evil Clown Corner be like:

Peter Wujek, Business Manager

Welcome to this edition of Clown Corner, but evil! Today, we’ll be discussing who did amazing and looked phenomenal while doing it. 

Today, I’d love to give props to someone special in my life. Shoutout Brian Laundrie for his outstanding performance running from the federal police. After (allegedly) killing Gabby Petito, he was able to evade police officers for weeks! His run was truly magnificent. I have never seen such a valiant effort to preserve the lie. It’s truly a shame that his remains were found. 

You know, if I were an idiot, I would actually believe that those were his remains, but as you all know, I am a genius, so I know the real story. Brian Laundrie is alive! He is still out there, running for his life! Those remains are so obviously fake. If I killed my girlfriend and wanted to disappear, I would leave some teeth and a shirt at the crime scene. Easy way to fool the world. 

But seriously, shoutout Brian. I’m really proud to see him work so hard to achieve so much. As you all know, we support fugitives here on Clown Corner. Brian Laundrie, you are deserving of this Clown Corner hype!

Woah. I think I blacked out there for a second. Sorry about that folks. The power of the evil Clown Corner took over. I guess I should explain myself. A few weeks ago, a Twitter meme surfaced, comparing things to their evil counterparts. Clown Corner took the same direction, hyping up someone instead of clowning them.

This has been an evil edition of Clown Corner. In the end, I guess Brian Laundrie failed and prevailed? I’ve never had an ending like this, so I don’t quite know what to do. See you next time!