Behind the Scenes of Tinker Bell


Viraj Desai

The Build Crew diligently works on the set for Tinker Bell.

Viraj Desai, Staff Writer

Tinker Bell: The Children’s Show, is underway, as the performances are this Friday and Saturday. (Tickets can be purchased on for those who want to attend) The cast and crew are working really hard to make this production look incredible on stage. The cast is no doubt amazing, as it is filled with talented and hardworking students practicing everyday for their final performance. However, the crew is often underappreciated, and they deserve more credit for their stunning backstage performance. Since they are backstage, we also don’t see all the work they put in, so let’s take a trip behind the scenes to see what the crew is up to!


For starters, there are three types of groups that the crew members can be a part of: the build and run crew, the lights and sound crew and the costume crew. Members of the building crew build and paint the sets of the production. For this show, they made a pirate ship and the fairy trees in which Tinker Bell lives. The run crew moves the sets on and off the stage during the production. The lights and sound crew works with the spotlight, stage lights and microphones. Members of the crew either manage the spotlight, give people their microphones or control the stage lights as the show progresses. The costuming crew is in charge of making the costumes of the production from scratch. They do everything from sewing the costumes to making it look presentable with hair and makeup. 


This year’s stage manager, Aahana Meka, has been in every position in her years of being on tech crew. She says “I don’t have a favorite. There is something good about every position.” Every aspect of the tech crew makes the show look as amazing as the cast’s performances. 


Of course, this production looks much different from productions in the past because of COVID-19. The performers and crew members have to wear masks, and there are limited members. However, even though there are restrictions, the show is still coming together really well


Mr. Russel, the tech director, says that his favorite part of the show is bringing people together. He says “when I look at the set, there is not one set or light piece that is my favorite. My favorite thing about this show is bringing people together and being able to do this during this time”. All the cast and crew members are also really excited to be back and to work on this show. Things are definitely going in the right direction for the theatre department at Neuqua!