How students feel about Homecoming this year

A transcript of the video follows below: 


Ms. Altidis shares what Homecoming will look like this year!


Altidis: “The homecoming dance is going to take place in the front of the school, so that big courtyard in front of the main entrance. The setup is going to have a DJ, there’s going to be a lights show, there will be tables for water and there will be tables for you to sit. This year, there are no snacks being passed out, but there will be water and students will be free to roam around outside in the designated areas.”


What do students think about the homecoming setup this year?


Student 1: “I think that it’s a good idea because of COVID, like, to have it outside.”

Student 2: “Yeah, outside there’s like, more room, it’s enclosed.”

Student 1: “Plus, like, when everyone was in the gym it was disgusting, so maybe that would be better.”


Student 3: “I think it will be better because you don’t have to wear your mask, but at the same time it might be uncomfortable with the weather and, like, the shoes.”

Student 4: “Yeah I agree, like, having the [inaudible]”


Student 5: “I think it’s going to be interesting to be outdoors in the cold and the heat and humidity.”

Student 6: “I feel like it might be a lot more open than the gym, and I’m kind of glad we’re having it this year.”


Student 7: “I think it’s great that it can be outside and we can be safe, but on top of that, we can also have fun outside and not really have to wear the masks, and it could just be a lot, I guess, more real than just wearing masks.” 


Student 8: “I think it’s nice, I think we have to be safe because of COVID so it’s good to be outside and then, I don’t know, it’s a unique experience to try something new.”


Student 9: “I think it’s pretty cool, I mean if the weather’s pretty nice, I mean I think it’s pretty cool that it can be outside, anyone can go.”

Student 10: “Yeah, like, I was curious to see what they were going to do about homecoming because of COVID, so I think it’ll be interesting.”


What are you excited about for outdoor homecoming?


Student 1: “I think just homecoming in general because, like, I really missed it last year because it was fun Freshman year and I got to go with friends and stuff, so probably just being able to do that again because it’s a bit more normal.”


Student 3: “I don’t know, I’m kind of excited to see what people wear yeah, I want to see what people [inaudible]”

Student 4: “Yeah, and just hang out with your friends, just to see how the set up is.”


Student 5: “I’m excited, hopefully, for a better DJ than sophomore year.”

Student 6: “I just want to be able to spend time with my friends for senior year.”


Student 7: “I’m just excited about people having fun, if I do go, or when I do go, I’d be excited about spending time with friends and just dancing.”


Student 8: “Well, this is my first homecoming because last year I was a freshman and there was COVID, so I’m excited to meet new people and hang out with my friends and stuff. And to see the decorations and everything because I’m sure other people will have put in a lot of effort.”


Student 9: “Um, maybe just like a new environment, I mean, I only went once in my freshman year. I think it’d be pretty cool to see how it’s set up outside.”


Is there anything you are not excited about for homecoming?


Student 3: “Probably just being outside for homecoming in a nice dress and being cold.”


Student 5: “I am not excited about being in the grass, if it is in the grass.”

Student 6: “Maybe the weather if it’s bad.”


Student 7: “Um, no, I wouldn’t say there is nothing I am not excited for.”


Student 8: “I guess it is easier to dance inside, with like the floor and everything, so I guess a lot of people wear heels and stuff, so that might be a little difficult. Apart from that, I can see it being a really fun experience.”


Would indoor homecoming have been an option if distancing guidelines were set in place? 


Altidis: “Based on the number of people that usually attend the homecoming dance, it would have been nearly impossible to have social distancing guidelines for the amount of people that would be at the dance. That is why in the case of inclement weather, we are going to reschedule it to an event in the springtime, some kind of big event. But based on the ability to social distance, we would not have been able to have homecoming inside.”


Do you estimate student attendance will be lower than previous years?


Altidis: “We would hope not, but we actually think it might be higher than before only because it’s been two years since we’ve had a homecoming dance and the ability to gather together so we hope everybody takes advantage of this kind of unique event and we’ll come out for it.”


See you at homecoming!