Chicago Public Transit During COVID

As COVID-19 cases are on the rise once again, The Echo photographers Ingrid Reginato and Sabrina Sabatin travel on multiple styles of public transit and document how people navigate travel in the presence of the virus.

Teens walk throughout the underground station. (Sabrina Sabatin)


The L makes its way around the city of Chicago. (Sabrina Sabatin)


Woman stands in a crowded train on the red line towards Chicago (Ingrid Marques Reginato)


Woman boards the bus taking precautions with cdc guidelines still intact (Sabrina Sabatin)


Loyola student waits for the train towards the loop (Ingrid Reginato)


Freight tunnel arrives to the station at a quick speed. (Sabrina Sabatin)


Passengers hang on to handles in a crowded train. (Sabrina Sabatin)


Citizens sit on a Chicago bus as it heads towards State St/95th. (Sabrina Sabatin)


Man waits along the edge of the subway. (Sabrina Sabatin)


Metra train displays social distancing recommendations. (Sabrina Sabatin)
The entrance to the underground train station on State street marked by this remarkable sign (Ingrid Reginato)


Passengers distract themselves with technology as they wait for the CTA to arrive. (Sabrina Sabatin)