Friends for a fur-tastic summer

A very happy and handsome birthday boy

For a special Echo’s recommendation, we are showcasing the furry and winged friends that have helped us through this hectic and turbulent year. Every person needs a lovable companion that will chew up some neighbour’s flowers or get stuck under the furniture, their antics always find a way to bring a smile to our faces. So as we transition into summer, go out and enjoy the good weather outside with your animal companions.


A very happy and handsome birthday boy (Ms. Christensen)

Alisa Christensen

Ajax is a Swiss Mountain Dog who recently turned one year old in April. Weighing in at over 120 lbs., this puppy is quite the big boy. He enjoys snuggling and playing fetch, and one of our favorite things to do together is to go for walks around our neighborhood and see the spring flowers in everyone’s yards (he may or may not have eaten a few of them…).




Maya Stone

Zeke “Mr. Sexy” Stone is a nine month old English Bulldog. His favorite activities include eating, sleeping and harassing our entire family when we don’t give him attention 24/7. This summer, Zeke and I will be going for walks, specifically in Downtown Naperville, and hanging out with friends and family! Hopefully, Zeke will meet a dog friend because he is kind of a loser. 

Zeke admiring a dandelion (Maya Stone)
Zeke surprised by a dandelion (Maya Stone)









Aarti Gupta

Neelu (blue) and Peelu (green) are obnoxiously loud parakeets who make up for their noise by being cute. When they’re not having some chirp chat between themselves, they enjoy watching TV, pacing back and forth between their cage and making a mess. It’s really nice to just sit with them and watch their antics; they truly make my day. 

Neelu and Peelu engage in a WWE-style brawl inside “The Cage.”

Skylar Serrano

Diesel and Harley are two rescue dogs that are complete opposites. Diesel, a huge fluffy mutt, loves getting into trouble. You name it—jumping fences, digging holes, howling at the crack of dawn—he’s done it! Harley, on the other hand is a chubby terrier mix who loves treats, cuddles and walks. This summer, we will be teaching Diesel dog-park etiquette so everyone can have fun in the sun with some K9 buddies this summer!

Very excited Diesel (Skylar Serrano)


Happy boy Harley (Skylar Serrano)













Ben LeGrand

Barkley (Brown) is a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, and Westley (Black) is a Schipperke. Other than sleeping 20 hours a day, Barkley enjoys chasing squirrels and scooting along the carpet. Westley likes to bark at every moving object outside our house for 20 minutes straight and refuses to come inside. They’ll both be spending summer sleeping all day and not listening to what we say.

Suspicious (Ben Legrand)


The Dynamic Duo (Ben Legrand)














Ollie Mallet

Appa is an adopted mutt who just had her first birthday on May 19. She loves to sit in random spots in the house and crawl under furniture and then freak out because she can’t get out from under said furniture. She’s kind and very cute and should probably win a Nobel Peace Prize. 

Artist’s creative rendition of Appa (Ollie Mallet)
Appa and mom practicing their selfie skills (Ollie Mallet)











Jena Patel

Shelby is a Siberian Husky who turned nine on Feb. 28. Her actual birthday is leap year but we celebrate then. Shelby is super friendly and loves running around. She loves meeting other dogs and has always been very loving. Her favorite thing to do is go on walks.

Shelby in a Christmassy mood (Jena Patel)

Piggy was my first pet (other than fish) who I got a week after my birthday in August, eight years ago. The following December, I got my bunny rabbit, Bunbun, who was found in my dad’s coworker’s backyard. Yes, I did name both of them. In October of 2018, I got Cooper from another family. My favorite activity with all of them is just being outside and watching them enjoy the grass, with Piggy and Bunbun both in cages of course.

Cooper being a good model (Augustine Gallespen)
Piggy is always watching (Augustine Gallespen)
BunBun taking a snooze (Augustine Gallespen)












Amerie Zaininger

Rocky is a rescue dog that was transferred from Arkansas to the shelter where we found him. He’s a three and a half year old goofball who likes to zoom around the backyard with his pig and loves playing tug with either his rope toys or his favorite: the towel (which is any towel, really). Nobody seems to know his story, and he was surprisingly very well trained on a few things when we found him. Lately, he’s taken a liking to digging holes in the backyard and has mistakenly killed some baby bunnies.

Rocky, protector of the backyard (Amerie Zaininger)