Students learning Spanish help out Hispanic families in need


Aarti Gupta

Neuqua students are hosting a drive to collect COVID-19 sanitary supplies that will be donated to Casa Central.

Neuqua Valley students taking the Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish Language and Culture course have partnered with WE service to provide COVID-19 relief supplies to Casa Central, a Hispanic social service agency. Throughout the month of March, they are hoping to raise $500 in proceeds via GoFundMe and collect sanitation supplies from local students and families. 

The students involved: Jack Ashby, Bhavi Barnwal, Sanjana Bonthu, Diego Gallegos, Jade Huang, Nupoor Kunte, Ritu Meda, Vaanathi Rajasingham and Helen Zhao, were inspired to lead the project after their teacher, Andrea Smithers, introduced them to AP’s collaboration with WE service. WE service allows students to apply the skills they have learned in their AP classes to foster leadership, critical thinking, communicative and collaborative skills. As an organization, WE empowers students by providing them with the resources they need to actively make change in their community. 

Hispanic families are just one of many populations that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year. Students enrolled in the AP Spanish Language and Culture course have learned about the fundamentals and values of Hispanic communities and hope to support them during this time.

The fundraising team's flyer listing the supplies needed
The fundraising team has created flyers listing acceptable supplies to donate and linking their GoFundMe. Bins have also been placed in the rotunda as of March 10. (Bhavi Barnwal)

“Our group found a local organization, La Casa Central, that was dedicated to helping Hispanic families in need. We decided to partner with them by creating both a monetary donation drive and COVID supply drive to support the organization’s mission,” Zhao explained.

Bins have been set up in Neuqua Valley’s rotunda and the world language academic resource center for collections. While supplies may be limited for many, students and families are encouraged to donate any surplus supplies.

“We want to make sure our drive is purposeful and that the supplies we bring in have a real impact for families in need.” 

Monetary donations are also being accepted through the team’s GoFundMe. They have been successful in raising over 200 dollars over the past few months and hope to reach their goal of 500 dollars by the end of March.

For students that are unable to donate, Nupoor Kunte recommends sharing information about the fundraiser with others and reposting the promotional flyers to social media outlets.

“We know a lot of people are struggling right now with everything that is happening with COVID, but we hope that you can take some time to acknowledge and support those who might be struggling more than we are. What may be a small or insignificant donation to you could have a big impact on the less fortunate. Please consider donating or even just helping us get the message out.”

For any questions or concerns regarding the drive, students are encouraged to contact Zhao ([email protected]) or any other members of the fundraising team through email.