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As the school year continues, students prepare themselves to choose their classes for next year. The process includes graduation requirements, class recommendations and opportunities to reach out to guidance counselors and teachers. Creating a healthy and time effective schedule for students can be tricky and stressful. However, numerous resources and materials are provided for students to ease transitions.

Firstly, students are allowed to explore their potential options for future courses with recommendations from their teachers. Course recommendations begin on Jan. 11 with ideas for core and elective courses. Recommendations are rooted in individual performance, graduation requirements and personal interests. For the future freshman class of 2025, live broadcasts for Academic Department Presentations will take place during Jan. 12 and 13 about the transition process for current 8th graders.

Students also receive a four-year plan sheet that outlines all of the courses a student can take for the next school year. It also contains information regarding the class difficulty, availability for dual-college credit and necessary prerequisite classes. This allows students to decide what courses are required while having room to pursue personal interests. For extra information, a complete handbook is available on the Neuqua Valley website with information about courses available for grades 9-12 along with elective-course details.

For a student to graduate, they must take multiple courses each year of being enrolled. A student must take 4 years of English, 3 years of Mathematics, 3 years of Science, and 2.5 years of Social Studies. Other classes include a semester Health course, a semester Consumer Education course, and 3.5 years of Physical Education. In total, 24 credits are required to graduate. Parents and students can keep track of a student’s credits via the StudentVue app or website. Despite new learning challenges, students have the ability to continue their education and track their progress throughout high school.

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