Ariana Grande “positions” album review and analysis


Cover of “positions” single

Through the ups and downs of Ariana Grande’s life, she always picks herself up and heads to the studio when life gives her the sourest of lemons. The “7 rings” singer released her sixth studio album on Oct. 29, titled “positions.” Composed of 14 songs, it features tracks collaborating with Doja Cat, the Weeknd, and Ty Dolla $ign.

Transitioning from the “thank u, next” era, Grande released songs primarily discussing sexuality, growth, and her struggles with personal relationships. Involving references to her past relationship with ex-rapper Mac Miller and his unfortunate passing, the singer includes lyrics “Might not be quite yet healed or ready” and “All my baggage fading safely,” which describe how she feels when it comes to dating and interpersonal relationships.

Fans are also speculating that a line in the song called “positions” includes a message potentially throwing shade towards her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson. The lyric in question is, “I’m just hoping I don’t repeat history.” However, when you listen to it, there is a pause in between the syllables “re-peat”, which reveals to say “re-PETE.”

Grande has continued her style with upbeat pop songs in her past albums but also exploring R&B synths on “positions”. Through the tracks “nasty,” “34+35” and “love language,” Grande is always describing explicit details of her personal life and using mathematical innuendo to do so.

One of my favorite songs from the new album is called “pov”. The song highlights how Grande’s relationship with her current boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, has changed and affected how she views herself. Another song that I cannot get out of my head is “obvious”. Grande opens about how a special someone “makes her want to believe in love” and how she “never thought I’d believe in love again.” With the mix of “pov” and “obvious”, I love how Grande incorporates distinct songs ranging from sentimental to upbeat songs that get you on your feet.