What your favorite Halloween candy says about you

Halloween was invented during the pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated every October 31st. The Celtics believed that the dead returned to earth, which may have a possible correlation to why Halloween is

Halloween was invented during the pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain, which was celebrated every October 31st. The Celtics believed that the dead returned to earth, which may have a possible correlation to why Halloween is “spooky”. Picture taken from openclipart.org.

Maya Stone, Staff Writer

      Happy Halloween! I hope that you are all going to enjoy the one spooky night out of the year and eat as much candy as you can in one sitting! If not, then I hope you are reading this article and trying to figure out if you have more of a Snickers personality or a Twix personality! Either way, enjoy your Halloween and here is “What your favorite Halloween candy says about you.”



Picture of Twix from world.openfoodfacts.org

      If you are a Twix lover, then you tend to have a combination of an introverted and extroverted personality. Just as a Twix has a left and right side, you have a shy side and a crazy side. It takes you a little while for you to open up to people, just as it takes a while for all of the layers of a Twix bar to be revealed, but once you do, your outgoing side does not go away- just like the never ending chocolate-caramel-crunch flavor from a Twix bar… 



Kit Kat:

Picture of Kit Kat from world.openfoodfacts.org

       If Kit Kats are your first choice of candy, then you tend to be a neat person. Kit Kats are simple and do not cut corners with their perfect rectangular shape and structured chocolate cookie layers. Just like a Kit Kat, you like to keep things sorted out. You appreciate when papers are stacked neatly in a pile or when all the dishes are put back away in a perfect fashion. Keep up the organization because without you, the world would be a mess!




Picture of Snickers from commons.wikimedia.org

      When a Snickers is your go to candy bar, then you tend to be a spontaneous person. Snickers not only have a strong chocolate flavor, but the gooey caramel and surprise crunch of nuts shocks those eating the candy. Just like Snickers surprises people, you like to keep people on their toes with your unknown shenanigans and crazy nature. Maybe one day you will wake up and decide to travel to Europe or maybe join a racing league. Who knows, but that is why people are so drawn to your dynamic behavior!



Laffy Taffy:

Picture of Laffy Taffy from flickr.com

      When that tough choice between eating chocolate or fruity candy arises, you reach for a fruity Laffy Taffy, causing you to have an incredibly friendly personality. Laffy Taffy always brightens individuals’ days as they are typically used as rewards for doing a good job, whether that be at school, in a sporting event or the workplace. When people see they have gotten a Laffy Taffy, their mood becomes much brighter with the taste of the fruity candy. You can always light up a room with your warm nature and kindness that people can not get enough of. If someone is having a bad day, you tend to be the person that people want to be around to make them feel better.



Hershey’s Chocolate Bar:

Picture of Hershey’s from commons.wikimedia.org

      When the word “Hershey’s” pops out of your mouth every time you are offered a variety of candy, then you tend to be an old soul. Hershey’s iconic candy bar has been around for over a century, yet it still hasn’t lost that classic chocolate flavor. You enjoy the things that many people in today’s day and age do not. Rather than playing a video game or keeping up with social media trends, you like to spend your time listening to vinyls or curling up on the couch and reading Virginia Woolf novels. You keep the spunk of the past decades alive for people to understand and appreciate all time periods.



Reese’s Cup:

Picture of Reese’s Butter Cup from flickr.com

      If you love the chocolate-peanut butter combo of a Reese’s Cup, then you tend to be a class clown. Reese’s Cup has that nice chocolate coating and then a massive flavor punch of peanut butter! Just as Reese’s have bright orange packaging to be noticed, you are the same way, hence your tendency to be the class clown. Don’t worry, even if the teachers get bothered by your jokes and comments, all of the students appreciate your humor and ability to waste time.



Almond Joy:

Picture of Almond Joy from flickr.com

      If you are a die-hard Almond Joy lover, then you tend to be a unique person. Almond Joy bars are unlike other candy bars as they feature coconut as the center filling rather than a caramel or peanut center. You either have had one, or have never heard of them before in your life due to their obscurity. Your unique personality is a hidden treasure not appreciated by many people: when most people drink Starbucks or Dunkin, you venture out and drink Peets Coffee. Your uniqueness is what separates yourself from others, making you a standout that people admire once they get to know you.