Naperville rally pressures schools to reopen

On Sep. 21, 200 students and parents living in the Naperville District 203 area gathered together to gain attention about the current learning conditions in public schools. Some citizens in Naperville school Districts 203 and 204 want their children to go back to schools in-person, as fast as possible. They expressed their concerns and distaste using hand-written signs for the current resolution in response to the Coronavirus, which is keeping kids at home attending classes online via Zoom. Multiple rallies took place with a populous one that occurred across the street from Naperville Central High School. However, the attendees of this rally peacefully left for trespassing around school property.

Regarding District 204, the IPSD Board of Education has since then chosen to incorporate a hybrid plan for the education of students, which define as attending classes in-person in school, and continuing remote learning. Their priority for maintaining an excellent school district is to ensure that “Schools are safe and caring places where all are valued,” while deciding how to gradually reopen schools.

For Neuqua Valley High School, the Board of Education has chosen for students to have the opportunity to begin attending in-person school by last name and grade level once a month. The other students who are not attending in-person schooling for a variety of reasons will continue to participate in their classes via Zoom.

As of Oct. 26, the District 204 Board of Education has officially postponed the “hybrid” option for students and the parents of students that want to resume what was normality. Since the increase of COVID-19 cases throughout the country affects the safety of students, the date for the new “hybrid” learning is under construction to start as of Nov. 13, 2020.