Blumhouse debuts four new horror movies on Amazon Prime

Trigger Warning For Suicide and Abuse


      Blumhouse, an American film and television production company created by Jason Blum, has produced a handful of memorable horror films, such as “The Purge”, “Insidious”, “Sinister”, and “Get Out”. Each film finds a way to engage its audience in twisted or vile ways, and that is what continues to fuel the four billion dollar company. During the month of October, Blumhouse collaborated with Amazon Prime, a branch of the company that focuses on television and movies, to release four new horror movies. The theme of the release is “Four Unsettling Films. Under One Roof.” and includes “The Lie” (released Oct. 6), “Black Box” (released Oct. 6), “Nocturne” (released Oct. 13) and “Evil Eye” (released Oct. 13). 


      According to Amazon Prime, the movies were released to “tap into our deepest fears.” As a horror movie fanatic myself, I figured that I had to watch and review each of the four movies since Blumhouse has produced some of my favorite movies of all time.  Also, it gave me an excuse to watch horror movies as a homework assignment. NO SPOILERS ARE INCLUDED!



“Black Box” Review
“Evil Eye” Review
“Nocturne” Review
“The Lie” Review

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