Senior Car Parade


Jason Verdin

Willie the Wildcat dancing along with the DJ at the senior car parade. Scroll for more pictures.

Sachin Fong and Skylar Serrano

Seniors and teachers came together on Oct. 2 in the Neuqua Valley High School parking lot to enjoy music, a bright lights show and the safe and distanced company of other students in the absence of Homecoming weekend. The staff worked very hard to give the seniors an enjoyable experience, all while being cautious about COVID-19. Limited to two students per car, seniors were invited to drive through the roads around the school to view and experience this event. Along the route of the parade were staff with encouraging signs for the class of 2021, a DJ attending to music all around the school, strobe lights, Willie the Wildcat and light projections on the side of the building. The parade went smoothly, and seniors expressed their gratitude for the hard work of the teachers and staff with honking horns and wide smiles.