Hang Loose with Some New Summer Favorites

A look at some of our favorite tunes from this this summer


Skylar Serrano

Playlist cover made by @skylar.serrano.

Salman Khan and Skylar Serrano

One of the best parts of summer to us is hooking up a phone to the aux and kicking back with some music. Together, we’ve picked some of our favorites from this summer so far. Here are the stories behind some of them, along with a full playlist. 


“British Bombs” by Declan McKenna

After releasing his debut album, “What Do You Think About the Car?,” popular alternative artist Declan McKenna returned to the music scene with a string of singles in summer 2019, including “British Bombs.” Now his fourth most popular track on Spotify, the lyrics of “British Bombs” criticize modern-day war practices, namely the British arms trade. According to an interview with NME, McKenna was inspired by the pop-infused punk sound of The Clash, particularly their 1979 album, “London Calling.” Declain McKenna’s new album, “Zeros,” is set to release in 2020. 


“Runner” by Tennis

“Runner” was the first track written for Tennis’ latest album, “Swimmer.” Tennis is a duo made up by husband-and-wife Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley. The inspiration for “Runner,” like a majority of their music, was found when the duo spent time off-the-grid in a port town called San Juanico. Although the couple reportedly at the time did not have a clear vision for their next album, producing “Runner” helped create the overarching sound for it. The track itself covers the concepts of internal turmoil and self-satisfaction. Throughout the song, there are several biblical allusions inspired by Moore’s earliest exposure to music: her childhood church. Tennis’ latest album, “Swimmer,” was released on Feb. 14, 2020. 


“OK” by Wallows

LA-based band Wallows is popular for their indie-pop sound. Originally coming on the scene around 2017, the group released their debut album, “Nothing Happens,” in March of 2019. Their single, “OK, takes on the ever-confusing themes of teen romance. Staying true to their sound, this song is a perky, indie bop. Wallows’ single, “OK,” was released on Mar. 20 of this year.


Interested in the full playlist? Check it out on Spotify here!