How to Make Your Own Face Mask – DIY!!

Dana Balmas


Dana Balmas

The DIY face mask is featured next to the normal surgical mask that is worn in hospitals. Though made of different materials, both masks provide an adequate level of protection against catching and/or spreading the virus.

Dana Balmas, Editor-in-Chief

The CDC has reported that a significant number of people have shown to be asymptomatic for COVID-19. This means that while they are carriers of the virus, they never show any signs or symptoms that warn others they might be sick. These asymptomatic carriers are the reason why the CDC now advises people to wear cloth face coverings in public. While social distancing can certainly protect a person up to a point, the addition of a face mask can greatly increase this protection. Heavily-populated areas like grocery stores, for example, are one sure place that people need to be wearing face masks and social distancing.

In light of these recent recommendations to protect ourselves and each other, The Echo has put together a video for its readers on how to make a face mask at home with just three items- two elastics and a bandana. This is just one part of the greater equation in flattening the curve. Now please do your part.