Culture Fusion: Seoul Taco

When you’re out with friends or family and someone asks the question, “Mexican or Asian?”, you can now reply with “why not both?” Seoul Taco is a restaurant located in Downtown Naperville that specializes in presenting Mexican food but with a Korean twist. 

Their menu consists of tacos, quesadillas, gogi (meat) bowls, burritos, nachos and gogi (meat) with waffles. Each of these items include something original to Korean cuisines such as the addition of kimchi or

use of what the restaurant calls ‘Seoul Sauce’. They provide meats such as bulgogi steak, spicy pork, chicken and tofu for vegetarian customers.

When entering the restaurant, you are instantly greeted with upbeat music and smiling workers. The whole place gives off a cool retro feel. On the wall, there are various words relating to the restaurant in a collage. The wall on the other side is covered in radios painted in various vibrant colors. 

I ordered the gogi bowl and was pleased that they had a tofu option as I don’t eat meat. I’ve had similar meals to this before at other restaurants, and when I took my first bite I was instantly pleased. It consisted of greens such as lettuce with rice and their spicy gochujang sauce. The one complaint I would have is that they added too much sauce, but it is a simple thing to remove if you do not want it. The prices were decent; it wasn’t too much, but also I could go to Chipotle and get the same thing cheaper (it just wouldn’t have the Korean cuisine with it obviously). I don’t think it is a place I would go often, but the food was delicious and I would definitely go again. 

Seoul Taco is a cute little restaurant that skillfully brings two cultures together into one. It is a perfect place to go with friends, family or to just grab quick take-out.