Clown Corner: KSI v. Logan Paul


Orginal photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea

My rendition of the fight, catered to their true forms

Peter Wujek, Business Manager

KSI and Logan Paul are back at it, and by ‘it’, I mean pretending to be boxers and thinking they are professionals. The Youtubers hosted another ‘fight’ on November 9th with the result being, of course, controversial. Welcome to Clown Corner, where we discuss who failed, who prevailed, and who looked like a clown doing it.

Way back in 2018, popular Youtubers KSI and Logan Paul started beef over literally nothing. KSI won a boxing match against someone else, and then challenged the Paul brothers or “any of the Pauls” to take him on. Logan Paul responded by tweeting, “Who is KSI and why are people tweeting me about him?”, prompting KSI to tweet a screenshot of Logan Paul following him on Twitter, starting the famous feud. Through a series of videos and tweets, a massive boxing match was arranged for August of 2018. Tickets were sold, starting at $45 each, merch was developed, and beef grew to an alltime high. The stadium was completely full and combined, the fighters earned about 11 million dollars. When the fight came around, it ended in a draw. I mean, come on, this was a total scam. They will sell tickets and merch for a high price, and then end the match in a stalemate, just to sell more tickets and merch for a future fight.

The clownery peaked at their rematch in November. KSI ended up winning,  but only because of a controversial ruling by one of the judges. In the fourth round, KSI went down, and apparently, Paul hit him when he was down, ruling a 2 point deduction and costing him the match. The match itself generated countless memes about the fighter’s styles, the judges, and the idea of this rematch in general. 

This whole saga is a massive publicity stunt. The first fight was a draw, so they could sell more tickets. The second fight had an ‘unfair’ call so they can beef more and have another fight later. Tickets were expensive, merch was low quality (as usual), and so much clout was thrown around. I’m very upset how much attention the internet gave them, because that’s all they really want. If they ever have a third fight, the entire internet should bond together to ignore tweets, YouTube videos, and Instagram posts from these two posers, not to mention not buying tickets and merch. 

Logan Paul and KSI should have failed, YouTube tribalism prevailed, and as usual, everyone looked like a clown doing it.