Advisory: making Neuqua freshmen feel welcomed


Amanda Kontos

Senior advisers at freshmen orientation

Milyn Ross and Meghan Gaither

Advisory is a 20-minute class that only takes place during freshman year. The purpose is to build relationships for the freshmen because Neuqua has two buildings, separating the freshman from the rest of the sophomore through senior population. Meghan Gaither and I are senior advisers so we decided to ask what the purpose of advisory is. The administration figured by adding a short period with the same people every day (except Wednesday) would help “make a large school feel just a bit smaller,” Neuqua Valley assistant principal David Perry says. It’s for the freshman to automatically make friendships with each other without “academic pressure,” Perry explains.  It is also for the senior advisers to learn how to be better leaders. As senior advisers, we know that it is hard to actually get in front of people every day and try to get people motivated when they don’t want to be motivated at all. 

Meghan and I made an anonymous survey and asked if freshmen and seniors liked advisory. We also asked if they liked the mixed-gender classes because the class of 2020 didn’t have that experience; instead they had gender divided advisory classes. The results of the survey showed that this class of freshmen don’t mind having mixed gender classes. 91 percent of freshmen said that they would actually prefer co-ed advisory to single-gendered. as one of the surveyors, most freshmen prefer co-ed because  “it makes [advisory] feel like a real class” and having both genders in their class “doesn’t make a difference.” 91 percent of freshmen say that it isn’t hard to connect with their senior advisor of the opposite gender, while 86 percent of senior advisers say that it isn’t hard to connect their freshman of the opposite gender.

Advisory doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, because when Meghan and I asked freshman if they think that we should keep it, 90 percent of students said yes. A senior advisor also shared that one of their students felt like advisory should be longer. Based on our research, advisory seems to be loved and appreciated by both freshmen and seniors. The administration wouldn’t want to get rid of it because provides new relationships and is a nice break before you have to actually get started with your day. Our surveys also show and support the fact that the administration is right. Advisory is helping build relationships and bridges between freshmen and seniors.