Summary: House bill 2078

Sameer Datta, Staff Writer

The House Bill 2078 is a major bill for teachers and future teachers. The purpose of this bill is to increase new teachers’ starting pay to $40,000 a year by 2023-2024. This is going to be done by gradually increasing the starting salary each year. These results have raised many questions for teachers since the money for this pay increase will need to come from somewhere. As well as many are afraid that this will affect non-core classes such as art and music because some areas do not have these programs. This is a big step for lower-income areas because legally the minimum pay that the state allows is $10,000 a year according to NBC Chicago, which is lower than the minimum wage in Illinois. This is incredibly good news since according to the Southern Illinoisan the last time this was changed was during the 1980s. Many teachers have voiced their concerns on the matter is that “They have to get these resources from somewhere” says Mrs. Pavlik, a concerned teacher at Neuqua with knowledge of the education system. While this bill passing won’t affect the upper-middle class, the impact this has in lower-income areas is gigantic because they don’t have enough funding as it is, and in order to account for this pay increase, they either need to raise taxes or cut non-core classes.