Sabrina Claudio reveals her truth in the album “Truth Is”


The 23 year old RnB pop artist Sabrina Claudio released her fourth album “Truth Is” early October, 2019. The artist got her start on Soundcloud and has gained popularity ever since. Claudio rarely collaborated with other artists in her fourth album–or other artists in general– but she did work with well known artist Zayn Malik on one track. The album did fairly well, receiving praise from her fans. 

Sabrina Claudio includes messages throughout her music. In previous releases, the singer has had a stable and concise message of love and affection that is displayed openly to her audience. “Truth Is” is her first album release that opens the conversation about the negative effects love may have on an individual.  

Claudio collaborated with pop singer/songwriter Julia Michaels for her songwriting process. In a press statement, Claudio said the album “is about emotions we often think of but are afraid to voice – the feelings we try to convince ourselves we don’t actually feel. Those two words, Truth Is, symbolize everything this album is about.” This gives the record a more raw and genuine feel that we don’t see in average pop and R&B singers.

The songs that stood out the most to me are “Problem With You,” “Holding The Gun,” “On My Shoulders” and “Me In Her.” The reason “Me In Her” stands out is because the tone is a complete 180 compared to her previous releases. It is confrontational and dark, and it shows the real trauma that can come from a relationship that is based on a lie. 

“On My Shoulders” shows the artist’s reflection of an unhealthy relationship with the use of somewhat disturbing visual imagery. The descriptive lyrics show a grittier side to her: “If only I could slice my skin, try to align my fingerprints, I’d know exactly what it is you feel.” This is a side of Claudio that has rarely been shown to her dedicated audience, and watching the progression of her music evolution is an amazing example of her integration in pop culture.

Continuing the same message of unhealthy relationships, “Problem With You” shows how someone finally coming to the realization of the faults in a partner. “Holding the Gun” consists of a solemn music production very classy and elegant music that is very orchestra heavy. I enjoyed the string-surrounded production on records because it is refreshing deviation from her usual electro pop music production. 

Claudio has progressed in her career as an artist, being able to evolve with her message. I’m excited to see where her career takes her and hope she gains some of the recognition she deserves. I highly recommend that everyone go stream Sabrina Claudio’s album “Truth Is” on all music platforms!