Why Freshmen Need Their Own Space

Sameer Datta, Staff Writer

When I was a freshman starting out at Neuqua, I had just moved from a very small middle school of 300. Now when a new student comes in from any middle school, which has an average of 1000 students coming into a new school of almost 4000 students it would be a little overwhelming with three times the number of students. A good way of easing them into a new setting with new people is not exposing them to a bigger school.

The freshmen building does this, allows students to meet friends from middle school, and allows students to be able to make more friends in their grade. Wanting a freshman perspective, I interviewed one, she said: “I have my own set of friends at the freshmen building that will always be there.”  Along with the copious amount of students already at the main building, adding another class would only make more traffic jams and other problems like small people being trampled since most freshmen are not as tall as upperclassmen. With all of these problems, the freshmen having their own building is a blessing and benefits them in the long run. Even so, most freshmen come over to the main building after school for clubs or activities, so they still do get a sense of what the main building is like and how to traverse it. On top of this, the freshman building is more similar to a middle school in terms of layout and size. Many freshmen have stated that they prefer the Freshmen Building.