Allbirds are the new ‘All Stars’


Wool Runners

Peter Wujek, Business Manager

As the world begins to be concerned with carbon emissions, it becomes increasingly hard to find companies that treat the environment well while making quality products. Allbirds fits both criteria perfectly.

Allbirds is a shoe company based in San Francisco that aims to provide long-lasting shoes that are comfortable and fashionable while progressing towards being carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality is a process of balancing carbon emissions with carbon removal, which is done by planting trees and buying land to save greenery. Allbirds’ says that “for every tonne of CO2 [they] emit… [they’ll] pay to take a tonne of carbon out of the atmosphere” (Allbirds Instagram). Via other companies, Allbirds will protect trees, build wind energy farms, and capture methane from the atmosphere. They are a certified B-Corporation, meaning they are recognized and certified as meeting the “highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose” (B Lab). Meeting this standard signifies Allbirds as a respected company that honors their promises towards preserving the environment. As knowledge about climate change becomes more well known, it’s important to support companies that support the environment. 


The shoes themselves are very well made. There are two basic materials, with different styles for each material. The original material is wool, coming in three different styles. The signature style is the Wool Runners, featuring soft wool outside, with a comfortable and light wool insole. This style costs $95  a pair. Wool also comes in the ‘Loungers’ style, which are casual, low-top, slip-ons. These cost $95 as well. The company recently released the third style — Wool Runner-Ups. They are wool high tops that boast water-wicking fabric and increased traction. This new style will set you back $135 a pair. All styles come in interesting and eye-catching colors that compliment any outfit. While they do use animal products, they do their best to help the environment in every way they can.


The second material, ‘Tree’, comes in Runners, Loungers, Skippers, Toppers and Breezers styles. The ‘Tree’ shoes are made from eucalyptus pulp and recycled plastic bottles, combining to form a cooling effect combined with the signature comfortable insole. The Runners and Loungers are the same as wool, just featuring different colors. Skippers are a cross between Runners and Loungers, with a subtle slim style. All three cost $95. Toppers are classic high tops. The Toppers cost $115 a pair. Lastly, Breezers are a low profile women’s shoes that look serious without losing the capability to be casual. These also cost $95 a pair. 


I own a pair of Tree Toppers in red, and I like them very much. They are comfy and I can wear them with a ton of different outfits.  I own a pair of Wool Runners and really like them. They are comfortable and fashionable while maintaining their quality and shape. My pair is mostly white, so they are prone to getting very dirty. Allbirds have an easy solution. All shoes are safely machine washable, restoring them to their original color and design.


They also have socks, made of a soft and breathable combination of Merino wool and eucalyptus pulp. The socks tend to sell out quickly, but they are $14 a pair. Allbirds sell lace kits for the Wool Shoes. Each pair of laces is one whole recycled plastic bottle, while each lace kit has three pairs in it, costing ten dollars for one kit.

I highly recommend these shoes if you’re willing to pay the price. The customer service is excellent, allowing you to return shoes 30 days after receiving them. You can try them out and decide if they are worth your money. If they aren’t, you can send them back for free. Check them out at, or visit their store in Lincoln Park, from 7 AM to 10 PM every day of the week.