Hollywood reusing its old stars

Bhoomi Sharma, Photography Editor

Rumours of a new Wicked movie have re-sparked a conversation about Hollywood reusing its older stars. Dove Cameron, 23-year-old Disney star, was considered for the role of Glinda and Ariana Grande, the pop-star, was considered for the role of Elphaba. Both of them are trained singers and retired Broadway stars, so they certainly have the talent necessary. But that brings up the issue – how many iconic roles are going to be taken by the same few people?


While both can do a marvelous job bringing the characters to life, so can several other artists who simply lack the fame these two have. Hollywood is a huge industry, and it must have others with a similar skillset. When the same twenty people are auditioning for the same, famous roles, the characters lose their legitimacy. Dove Cameron, for one, has been the child of a famous Disney villain, both twins in a hit TV show, a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a character in a Netflix movie starring alongside Jenniffer Anniston. Although she is a wonderful actress, maybe we give someone else a shot?


On one hand, it’s easy to let our favorites get the roles we love so dearly, but a fresh face every so often doesn’t hurt. Movies like ‘Titanic,’ the ‘Hangover,’ and even the first Marvel movies have done as well as they have because of the new actors they  cast. Many iconic movies starring actors in their first major roles or even their actoral debut. When did that stop? When did casting directors stop looking at acting talent and what someone could provide to a role as an actor and not as a famed personality? The idea of our superheroes being just heroes, without more characters tacked on top is what makes them more believable.


Hollywood’s more experienced actors definitely have the necessary skills to play famous characters. But putting the same actors in the same positions every time is going to take away people’s faith in the characters. Hollywood is a large industry with enough people and talent to put together something different from before — something with new ideas and newer actors. They have been making stars for years, and now we just have to wait and see if they can take new talent to make more.