Updated: Clown Corner: Marvel v. Sony


Peter Wujek, Business Manager

Marvel fans and Tom Holland stans in despair? Sounds like some clowns are afoot. Welcome to the Clown Corner, where we discuss who failed, who prevailed and who looked like an idiot doing it. 


This past month, film industry titans Sony and Marvel Studios had a big falling out. After the success of “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” netting a massive $1.1 billion worldwide and a 90 percent fresh on Rotten tomatoes — a score based on hundreds of critics, it looked like Spider-Man would be Sony and Marvel’s doughboy. Instead, Disney, Marvel’s parent company, got greedy. Like members of the circus, they decided that their current situation wasn’t profitable (even though it was). Marvel ‘offered’ to take half of the box office revenue, while also covering half of the production cost. This was quite a step down from Sony’s 100 percent of the revenue. Sony remained adamant on their original arrangement, and Disney wasn’t too happy. As a result, Spider-Man is officially removed from Marvel Cinematic Universe. This was the worst possible solution. Tom Holland, Spider-Man’s actor, will not be allowed to appear in any of Phase 4’s planned TV shows or movies (Marvel’s next chunk of content), creating a big loss for both studios. Seriously, what are they thinking? Fans love Spider-Man and Tom Holland. Without those fans, the MCU faces a big loss. The Spider-Man films have gained a total revenue of 12.344 billion dollars. No Spider-Man equals no money.


Sony needs Marvel/Disney and their money, and Marvel needs the rights to Spider-Man. It’s like a stupid romance where they both have dirt on each other and can’t break up because they are scared of losing it. But, uh oh, they broke up and now money is spilling out their hole in the boat. Both studios need to drag their egos from the high pedestals they are on and realize that no Spider-Man is much worse than Spider-Man movies with disagreements between the studios. Both companies are clowns because they think Marvel fans won’t care about Spider-Man. But I can say my eyes got a little teary in “Infinity War” and “Endgame” at a few specific scenes (IYKYK). In the end, Marvel and Sony failed miserably, Spider-Man sure as heck didn’t prevail, and everyone looked like clowns.


Recently, it was announced that Spider-Man has been re-added to the MCU. Both companies realized that having Spider-Man is valuable to their brand and income. Perhaps, it was a PR stunt, done for clout. The split was discussed heavily on social media and it lead more people to realize Spider-Man’s importance to Marvel and Sony alike. As for who failed, prevailed, and looked like a clown, I failed, Spider-Man prevailed, and Marvel, Sony, and I looked like clowns doing it.