Minecraft is building more than just blocks in the virtual world

Dana Balmas, Assistant Editor in Chief

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Minecraft, a game where anyone can construct whole buildings and cities, has continued to develop since it was released as a beta. The game features blocks of different materials that the player can fill their inventory with. There are two game modes which divide this vast community of Minecraft users: creative and survival mode. Creative mode gives the user the freedom to use any block at any time and the safety of knowing that no hostile creatures, like spiders or creepers, will hinder their creative process. On the other hand, survival mode users learn to craft and find their own resources, while the danger of hostile creatures looms. 

According to statista.com,  Minecraft has reached 91 million active players worldwide since its release in 2011. This is a great contrast from the one million sales it amassed within the first month after its release. The contrast is thanks to the many changes that the game has undergone. One of the updates throughout the years included the addition of the Elytra, which are wings that a player can construct for the ability to fly. Another update was the change to the oceans, which allowed for more creative work underwater. This led players to build large-scale cities in a place where they had never been allowed to go before. Finally, there was the dual-wielding update which, like its name implies, allows for the capability of wielding an item in both hands. With this new feature, users can more easily mine for the resources they need. These updates, among many more, are how the creators of the game are able to keep the gaming community’s interest from decreasing. Click here for the completed link to a list of all the past updates. 

As the gameplay continues to evolve, so does the community. There is a deep appreciation from users for the game because of the connections Minecraft has afforded them around the world. Youtubers like Jordan Maron, better known as CaptainSparklez, are an example of this deeper connection. Followers of his channel go so far as to call him “master” and “number one” on ThetoPens.com, a Minecraft Youtuber review website. Showcasing the ultimate devotion to Maron, the comments are an example of how Minecraft has evolved from a simple childhood game to a platform for bringing people closer to their idols. 

Minecraft now stands today as the best-selling game of all time — having sold 176 million copies to-date, according to digitaltrends.com. Though the game’s future remains to be seen, statista.com says the past statistics show a steady increase of users throughout the years. Today, Minecraft can be played on various PC’s, as well as the consoles PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. Additionally, the app is available on the App Store, Amazon, Microsoft and Google Play for mobile devices. Following the pattern of recent years, Minecraft will continue releasing updates and trying to expand its community for future generations to come.