The future of access

With the Access pilot over, many students are wondering what’s next. On Wednesday, May 15, several teachers from across the district met up to weigh the pros and cons of Access. They concluded that the district should continue Access and perhaps stretch it to three or four days a week with different time limits rather than just 30 minutes on one day.

According to Steve Wick, a Neuqua AP environmental science teacher present during the meeting, there were many positive reviews of the program. Teachers had little to no complaints and looked forward to continuing the program next year. The district plans on starting Access right with the new school year and hopes to work out a few kinks here and there. The issues lie in getting more students to take advantage of their resources during access instead of meeting with friends or only using it for test prep. Other than that, having large groups of people in one area seemed to create some crowding issues, but there weren’t as many noise complaints or disciplinary issues as other schools dealt with when trying to offer similar programs.