Protesting on the sidewalks

Bhoomi Sharma, Photography Editor

Often times, when the weather permits, there will be a woman with a sign standing at the intersection between Skylane Drive and 95th Street. Her name is Renata (no last name given), and according to her, her main goal is to educate the children.


When asked about her signs in an interview, she said, ““I don’t like socialism.” According Renata, the main message and purpose of her protest is against socialism.


She says that she was born in a socialist country, and that if the young people of our country do agree with socialism, they should go out and see a socialist country for themselves. She says, “I don’t like socialism, and what I see, and what the statistics are, that young people believe in socialism. 30 percent would vote for socialism. And that’s a huge huge problem.”

Her biggest concern was that some students don’t really understand her message. She believes they shouldn’t vote for socialism because “[they] don’t know exactly what it is, and it’s a threat to people. It’s worse than fascism.” Renata goes on to mention that fascism is a part of socialism, which she feels that many kids don’t get.


Since this interview, Renata’s slogans haven’t changed much, and she continues her goal to raise awareness about her concerns over socialism.


And because Renata is protesting on the sidewalks, which are public property, she is within her rights to protest.