Hate filled attack occurs in Bolingbrook

Joey Glos, Staff Writer

The Bolingbrook Police Department is currently investigating a attack on a Muslim family as a hate crime. The attack occurred on April 27, at about 3:00 a.m. Racist and degragourty comments were spray painted on the Khan’s family home and  a brick was thrown through the family’s window.

“I was frozen, I started screaming. My parents came rushing downstairs, and they saw the brick, the turned the lights on and then they went outside to see all the hateful graffiti,” said Aamir Khan in a interview with ABC news  describing the incident.

Khan, who is 21, is one of six siblings that live at the house. The youngest child is only two, and Khan said he is worried about their safety

The Bolingbrook police are investigating; however, no suspects are in custody.

There was also outrage at the council of American Islamic Relationship, where executive director Ahmed Rehab described the attack as “misogynistic, homophobic, Racist, Islamophobic as well as violent,” in an interview with ABC.

The Bolingbrook Police Department is following up on all leads and is consulting with the Will County District Attorney on potential charges.