“Loveworm”: The EP that highlights all stages of love

Beabadoobee, the 18-year-old singer signed to Dirtyhit records, has released her sophomore EP “Loveworm” only 6 months after the successes of her first release, “Patched Up.” This EP follows a similar structure to her first EP highlighting the struggles of teen life, specifically capturing the angsty side of love during these years.


Each song had similar sounding instrumentation but had interesting differences. I enjoyed the soft guitar in the songs again, specifically the soft lead-ins to certain songs. This EP felt a bit more alternative than the indie-folkish vibes of “Patched Up.”

This EP focuses on love, whether in relationships with people or the world around you. The lyrics throughout Beabadoobee’s work starts with “Disappear,” which presents the complicated situation of being in love, and then having that love dissipate showing the sad side of having a special connection with someone. The EP ends with the same slow feel in “Soren” which discusses the feeling of wanting someone’s touch, but not being able to get it.

 The songs in between highlight personal experiences. the song 1999 which is about “the frustration you feel when you need to let someone go, but you can’t because you’re still deeply in love with them.” as Beabadoobee described to Billboard. “Apple Cider and Ceilings” discusses the more innocent sides of a crush and loving the world around you. “Angel” and You Lie All The Time” discusses the toxic sides of love and the self-guilt after being hurt.

All of these concepts throughout the lyrics are something teens around the world can relate to due to the universal theme of love that is present throughout the EP. Adults can also reflect on regrets of the past or crushes from high school. The lyrics are centered around universal themes of the angst and happy sides of love, which is very appealing to me. When the artist is able to create something that reflects their feelings, it makes the artwork feel more real, which is what Beabadoobee had done with this EP.

  This EP from lyrics to instrumentals are concise throughout each piece. Beabadoobee’s vocals throughout the EP are and interact nicely with the background instrumentals complimenting the track very well. The grungy guitar feel in You Lie All The Time and Angel added a unique dynamic to this work which I enjoyed and would like to see more of in the future. The instrumental and production were skillfully crafted and showed Beabadoobee’s growth as an artist under Dirtyhit records, and highlights the expertise of those who have helped her with the track.

 From lyrics to composition this EP has made its mark in the music world. I could see myself listening to all of these songs in the future, while in the first EP I could only see myself listening to a select few. The different background sounds and the new theme of the album are what really drew me to this EP.  If you are interested in giving the EP a listen, it is available on Spotify and Apple music.