Disney Plus: The New Netflix?

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Netflix has taken the entertainment industry by storm since 1997, but it is possible that its crown will be taken by Disney. Disney is now making a new streaming service Disney+ available in late 2019. The new service is the company’s “biggest priority,” as described by CEO Bob Iger to CNET.com.

Disney+ will have over 7,000 television series episodes and more than 400 movies. The content will be a mix of Disney’s greatest films such as the Marvel or Star Wars films along with other family content. The pricing for this will be lower than that for Netflix; only $8 a month compared to Netflix’s $14.

Since Captain Marvel was released in theaters, Disney pulled their movies from other streaming services. The new streaming service will be the one place for viewers to watch all the Disney produced films and shows. Also, Disney classics will drive the attention from other services, bringing viewers exclusively to the new site.

Yet with an absence of Disney content, Netflix will proudly focus on their original shows. Netflix would like to “make more of its own content, rather than licensing content,” as described in CNBC’s article about Netflix’s crushing earnings in the latter half of 2018. The popular “Stranger Things,” “The Kissing Booth” and “ Big Mouth” were all created in Netflix studios and have contributed greatly to the overall streams, one reason they want to make their own motion pictures. Disney films being removed may be an open door for Netflix to delve deeper into their own film making and to create more hits that can keep people from canceling their subscriptions.

The switch of media to this new streaming platform will be a big competitor for Netflix due to the lower price charged by Disney, as described by CNET.com. But the departure of select Disney films and shows from Netflix may cause little damage. Netflix is more than just Disney and has other sources to get its films. Netflix uses shows from cable television as well as their own created content to keep the site afloat. Yet with the limited information provided, it is hard to tell if the Disney will rise above until April 11 when the company will show the very first preview as described by digitaltrends.com.