Naperville municipal elections to take place in spring

This spring, Naperville is holding municipal elections for mayor and four of the city council seats. Both the elected mayor and elected city council members will hold their positions for four years.

There are two candidates for mayor: Steve Chirico and Rocky Caylor. There are eleven candidates for city council: Patty Gustin, Paul Hinterlong, Michele Clemen, Nancy Turner, Theresa Sullivan, Joe McElroy, Whitney Robbins, Patrick Kelly, Barbara O’Meara, Bradford Miller and Bruce Hanson.

In person voter registration ended Tuesday, Mar. 5, but online voter registration is open until Mar. 17. Naperville’s website has information about early voting for those who will not be able to vote the day of the election, polling places and accessibility for DuPage and Will County citizens at . The election will take place on April 2 and will decide the mayor and city council members for the next four years.

Candidate Briefing

Candidate overview: Barbara O’Meara

Abigail McArthur-Self, Editor-in-Chief

Barbara O’Meara is a first time candidate for Naperville city council. According to her campaign website,, she works for the Illinois Department of Public Health and specializes in environmental health. She lists her support for a “greener,” Naperville and says she wants to “promote responsible, efficient, and community driven development,” as ...

Interview with a candidate: Whitney Robbins
Interview with a candidate: Patrick Kelly
Interview with a candidate: Bruce Hanson
Interview with a candidate: Bradford Miller
Interview with a candidate: Joe McElroy
Interview with a candidate:  Nancy Turner
Interview with a candidate: Theresa Sullivan
Interview with a candidate: Michele Clemen
Interview with a candidate: Paul Hinterlong
Interview with a candidate: Patty Gustin

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