The Last Installment “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World”


Photo provided by Dreamworks. Enjoy this family fun film in a theater near you.

“How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” made it’s spot on the box offices, earning $30 million in sales during the weekend opening after its release on Feb. 22, 2019. This movie serves as a possible end to the trilogy that started in 2010.

This film is set one year after the sequel, having the characters go back to their everyday life of capturing dragons to bring them to safety on their homeland, the Isle of Berk. As they bring these dragons back, the island begins to become overpopulated, and they must find a solution: the hidden world. The main character, Hiccup, is determined to find this possible safe haven for the island. His trusty dragon friend, Toothless, aids him in this quest, and along the way, they find a Light Fury, a dragon which is thought to be extinct. Along with finding another dragon, they also find a villain known as Grimmel the Grisly who is trying to rid their world of all dragons and is specifically aiming to capture Toothless. The film leads up to the climax of the fighting scene, with Hiccup and the other villagers trying to save Toothless and all the dragons.

The soundtrack was beautifully composed and fit well with the scenes, bringing intensity to the fights when needed. The animations throughout were as brilliant as the last two movies, as seen in the enchanting forest scene with Toothless and the White Fury. The scene in the Hidden World with all the dragons was beautifully depicted with colors coordinating nicely.

Toothless was and always has been my favorite character in the movies, and this made me love him even more. Toothless was the same quirky, silly and adorable dragon as he was in the past movies. When with Light Fury, he is incredibly awkward and shy around her due to his growing crush. I love the way they portray Toothless and provide him with cat and dog-like attributes, it makes him more loveable in the film. I also enjoy how the creators decided to make a female counter character to Toothless choosing white as a juxtaposing color.

The ending scene was concise and brought a satisfying closure to the trilogy. The message of the importance of letting go was well depicted through certain characters and. From the soundtrack, the animation, the character development, and the overall storyline, “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World” was the perfect start to a new life for those in the trilogy, and a perfect end for the trilogy itself. Families, avid Disney fans and “How to Train Your Dragon” lovers, this is the perfect movie for you.