Engineering the future of STEM

Mr. Tegtmeyer

Maggie Mokrzycki, Staff Writer

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Anthony Tegtmeyer is an engineering teacher and the creator of the girls in STEM club whose background started well before teaching. Tegtmeyer received his masters in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Iowa. Tegtmeyer started his job working for NASA in May of 1991. His employment was right around the time of the Challenger Explosion.  A space shuttle that killed all seven passengers just seventy three seconds into the air.NASA had hired the company he worked for at the time to create the calculations for the Space Station. His team had to figure out the calculation of the rate at which the space station is being pulled toward earth and how to combat that. Tegtmeyer was responsible for the calculations that were sent to create the parts for the space station. He also created a  program that helped analyze all of the calculations that everyone had gotten.


He was also responsible for keeping track of specifications of his other team members and comparing notes with the department counterparts that was at NASA. Tegtmeyer states that his role included that “everytime something major was change I have to make sure our rocket engines were big enough”. After working for NASA for three years he later moved onto work in the automotive industry in the Chicagoland area before going into teaching. He had to move on to another industry because his department completed the job that they were hired for.


Tegtmeyer says ¨I think back to when I was a student and still today one of the big things I always ask is why.¨ He understands the importance of curiosity in students. This especially is important for the younger generation of students. Careers in STEM are in a surplus and there is a need especially, for more females in a male dominated industry.  Tegtmeyer states¨Women are very underrepresented and so what i want to do is do something. Tell girls about the opportunities that the girls have.”


Tegtmeyer was the creator of the girl in STEM club at Neuqua which is running on its second full year. Tegtmeyer was extremely passionate when discussing this club. For  more outreach to the club Bulta is holding a STEM night to promote to the next generation. He hopes the expand this outreach to more elementary schools. Many girls overlook engineering Tegtmeyer states because they feel that it a class for men. Girls in STEM working to breaks this stereotype and create a welcoming environment for.