Neuqua Begins Access program trial


With the pilot of access officially over, Neuqua students have voiced opinions on whether or not the new program was useful. In an anonymous survey through Google Forms, 78.9 percent of students found this day useful, leaving 21.1  percent to see it as something that interfered with the schedule.


Many who found it useful stated that they were able to finish their homework that was assigned the day before. One anonymous student explained their belief that “we’re all stressed with the amount of work we have or trying to make up tests and quizzes. This makes it much easier to catch up when you miss school.”  Others were able to meet with teachers that would have otherwise been unavailable due to busy schedules comprised of lunch and after school activities to make up tests, review topics that were hard to understand, or “use the time to study.” One student explained that they missed a few days of AP music theory and “because there is only one teacher in this entire school who teaches this topic, it is hard to find help” but access allowed students in that situation an opportunity to catch up.


A large reason that many students shared for not enjoying access was the crowdedness of the library and the commons. One student stated that “the only reason[access] wasn’t [useful], is because there’s not enough space for me to actually be somewhere that I’m supposed to, and still get work done.” When they went to the library, some of the students were asked to leave due to the space having reached capacity.  


Access has brought in a number of mixed reviews, and though a majority seem to be positive, there are still a few issues that students believe should be addressed as the program continues to be developed.