Bathroom Shrines: Let’s Talk About Them


Nick Wilde

Let’s paint a scenario; you walk down the B hallway, on your way to the girl’s bathroom, you walk in and are glad there is no long line for the mere 4 stalls that are in service. The big stall is open, so you take it, allowing yourself to indulge in a wider space for your business. You plop yourself down on the toilet(or if you’re part of the 2%, you lay toilet paper down on the toilet seat because you don’t trust the public bathrooms)and alas, you see him. Nicholas Cage.

Nicholas Cage

Photos of different Nicholas Cage’s are looking down lovingly at you, with hearts around some photos, giving you an entertaining assortment to look at. You are immediately taken aback, and then instantly intrigued. What photos are these? From which movies? Who did this? That’s a funny photo, you say to yourself. Or Oh, that is definitely not something I want to see glaring down at me as I pee.

These thoughts run through your head as you finish your business and leave- the now sacred- stall to wash your hands. A harmless prank, a little gift to leave an innocent stall user to chuckle at, or even a shrine to show some dedicated love towards a certain incredible actor, all could be used to describe this incident. You leave the bathroom feeling rejuvenated and collected in this individual experience, however, you are not singular in this. This is a shared experience.

It appears that there are multiple shrines dedicated to different celebrities in the big stalls of the girls bathroom all around the school. Nicki Minaj, The Rock, Leo DiCaprio, and even Nick Wilde, the fox from Zootopia, just to name a few. The obvious question of who dun it pops to mind and then the reason behind it. Is it simply a smaller scaled senior prank or is it truly for the intent of shrine purposes? At first, it seemed to just be targeted at a smaller group, but with the variety of artists and celebrities, it hints at a deeper meaning. First, when breaking down this phenomenon, the location is crucial. The bathroom, and especially this stall, is the epitome of privacy at Neuqua Valley. Reserved as a special place in our hearts, the big stall in the girl’s bathroom is known for being the place for anything. If anything were to happen, it would be in the big stall. It allows for creativity, comfort, and is simply a special place for all. Therefore, with this mentality present, setting the shrine up in the big stall is the perfect place to hit home for many users.

Though we could get carried away with the insignificance of who is responsible for these pop ups, or, we could instead marvel at the broad community that is present at Neuqua Valley. Really goes to show how Neuqua Valley is truly a place for creative minds to flourish and bring people together through a combined collaboration.

Whether these shrines are taken down or even expanded on, it’s safe to say this effort will definitely be appreciated and another memorable story to pass down.