New Buffalo Wild Wings sauces


Jason E Appel, Writer

Buffalo Wild wings has partnered with Doritos once before, with the spicy sweet chilly. They have done it again. The new Doritos wing sauce is the Flamin’ Hot Nacho. I went into this experience thinking it  should be a hotter sauce than the last Doritos wings. The new wings were so good; the flavor was good and the heat of the wings was good. The heat of the wings were not “run and get milk” hot, but hot enough to where you could feel the heat and still enjoy the wings. A bag of chips were with the wings and made a tasty snack after finishing all the wings. 


I did not like the last wing flavor, but I believe they really upped their game this time and made a really good wing sauce that I would order again. I hope they can make another one that will beat this new one.  I think they should do the salsa verde flavor.I know this is a new partnership between the two companies, but I believe they are on a good track now with this sauce.